Preventative Botox

Want to know the secret to keeping your skin looking young? Preventative Botox can help maintain a beautiful, youthful face by preventing fine lines and wrinkles from appearing. What is Preventative Botox? Before we discuss how Botox can be used preventatively, we should understand what Botox is and why it is used. Botox (also known Read more

What is CoolSculpting?

Hold it right there. We see that “summer diet” meme you’re about to share with all of your friends who also haven’t been following their summer diet plan. Stop shaming yourself! If thousands of people didn’t struggle with the same exact issue, it wouldn’t be a meme in the first place, right? Here’s the problem: Read more

Laser Hair Removal Guide

The American Academy of Dermatology advises that laser treatment to remove hair should only be performed by medical doctors who are knowledgeable, skilled, experienced and have in-depth knowledge of the skin and lasers. The dermatologists at Mayoral Dermatology are all highly skilled and experienced in performing laser hair removal. Please contact us to find out Read more

Melasma Skin Condition Guide

Melasma is a common skin condition which appears as brown to gray-brown patches on the face, usually the cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead, chin, and above the upper lip. It can appear on other parts of the body which are exposed to sun frequently or for long periods of time, such as the forearms Read more

Cosmetic Dermatology Techniques to Turn Back the Clock

Only a few short years ago, there were few options for people who wanted to recapture their youthful appearance. These options frequently involved periods of downtime, surgical risks, unnatural results, and prohibitive expense. Today cosmetic dermatologists have a wide array of tools at their disposal and Mayoral Dermatology is a leader is using technology with Read more

Spider Vein Treatment & Prevention Guide

Spider veins, visible on the skin’s surface, can be unsightly, causing self-consciousness and sometimes embarrassment. They can be especially annoying in warm weather – time for wearing short skirts, swimsuits and shorts. They are often likened to varicose veins, although they are different in important ways. Spider veins may sometimes be slightly palpable, but they Read more

Laser Skin Resurfacing Guide

If you are like many, and suffer with not-so-perfect skin, finding a solution can sometimes feel like a world away. Many of us want to rid our skin from acne, scars and fine lines but can’t find the proper treatment to do just that. Well, for many, you don’t have to look much further because Read more

Coolsculpting For Men & Women

Are you one of the many men or women that work out on a continuous basis and eat healthy everyday but still aren’t in the shape that you want? You may be fit but you still have certain problem areas that are bothersome and that can’t be removed from the body with just exercise and Read more

Rosacea Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Prevention Guide

Rosacea is a common, chronic, disorder of facial skin that causes redness in the face, often with small, red, puss-filled papules, characterized by flares and remissions. It begins after age 30, as redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead, which waxes and wanes. In some cases, rosacea may also occur on the neck, chest, Read more

Hair Loss (alopecia) in Women

Introduction to Hair Loss (alopecia) in Women Women constitute 40 percent of hair loss sufferers in the United States. It can be devastating to a woman’s self-image and her emotional well-being. Society accepts hair loss in men, but rejects hair loss in women. Even much of the medical establishment ignores the demoralizing condition in women. Read more

Acne Guide by Mayoral Dermatology

Definition of Acne: Acne is a disease of the oil-producing glands and hair follicles of the skin. The most common areas affected are the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders and upper arms. The condition can have a devastating effect on emotional well-being. Scarring can occur with severe cases, worsened by the tendency of people to Read more

Coolsculpting for Body Contouring

More than 10 million cosmetic procedures are performed annually in the United States, costing greater than 11 billion dollars. That’s an increase in demand of 250 percent for surgical and minimally invasive procedures over the last two decades. The number of surgical procedures has actually declined by 16 percent since 2000, with a rise of Read more

About Coolsculpting by Zeltiq

Sometimes all the exercising and dieting in the world will not remove certain rolls, bulges or other kinds of visible stubborn fat clinging to our abdomens, thighs and hips. Even targeting problem areas by performing specific exercises day after day fails to reduce the size of these unsightly blobs of adipose tissue.

Common Side Effects of Coolsculpting

Last updated September, 2019 Coolsculpting is an effective cosmetic dermatology procedure to help smooth the skin for a tighter, toned look. You might have unwanted bulges along the tummy or thighs that you have worked hard at trying to tone up at the gym but haven’t had much luck, and that’s where a treatment like Read more

Kybella Double Chin Treatment

What is Kybella® Kybella® is a new injectable medication unanimously supported by the FDA’s Dermatologic and Ophthalmic Drugs Advisory Committee and recently approved for treatment of moderate to severe submental fat in adults, also known as submental fullness or a double chin.

Most Common Skin Conditions

We all try so hard to obtain the perfect skin, but sometimes it can be hard to do so, especially when we have some pre-existing skin conditions that prevent us from having flawless skin. If you are someone who suffers from a certain skin condition, you know how hard it can be to get the Read more

Is Botox Becoming Obsolete?

We all know that Botox is the major cosmetic dermatology treatment that has been fighting against signs of aging for years now, but can that be changing? There has been talk that some patients that are facing wrinkles and fine lines are now turning to alternative cosmetic procedures lately, instead of only using Botox. What Read more

Coolsculpting and Thermage: The Dynamic Duo for Sculpted Body?

We all want the perfectly sculptured body with zero body fat and smooth skin, but is it really achievable? Sometimes diet and exercise alone won’t provide the results that we are looking for but thankfully there are some amazing cosmetic dermatology procedures that work wonders. And the best part, is that you don’t even have Read more

Brand Name Cosmetic Dermatology Products vs. Non-Brand Cosmetic

You may be interested in getting some cosmetic dermatology treatment like Botox for your fine lines or wrinkles but might be a little on the fence about how to go about it and which path to choose. While there are many non-brands out there that are cheaper than brand name items like Botox, it’s important Read more

The Difference Between Thermage and Botox

Are you fed up with those unwanted wrinkles and fine lines that have slowly crept on your face? Of course you are! No one wants the signs of aging to take hold, but unfortunately no matter what we do, it happens. Even if you use the best over-the-counter creams for your face, you may still Read more