Facials differ from chemical peels in regards to what is applied to your face and what the standard facial procedure is designed to do for your skin. Facials are primarily an effective method for deep cleaning the face by cleansing the face with special solutions and than steaming facial skin with the assistance of an exfoliating scrub that removes dead skin cells responsible for blemishes and tired-looking, lackluster skin. Usually a mask is applied to the skin, followed by a series of creams or lotions that are massaged into the skin to stimulate new skin cell growth.

Facial Pink Mask

An experienced and licensed esthetician will consult with you concerning the needs and condition of your skin prior to giving you a facial that is appropriate for your skin type. You will be asked about your diet, if you take any medications or nutritional supplements and how much water you drink. These factors as well as several others will be used to determine what sort of facial would best suit your needs.

Should I Get a Facial or a Chemical Peel?

While chemical peels are not meant for all skin types, facials are safe and effective for all ethnicities and skin conditions concerning acne and excessive oil production. Facials will not reduce wrinkles or remove various skin lesions but they will rejuvenate your skin tone and give you healthy, attractive, glowing skin while decreasing unsightly eruptions such as acne pustules or pimples.

Most people find that receiving a professional facial at Mayoral Dermatology once every month sufficiently keeps their skin clean, fresh and hydrated. An exception to this includes people who have acne or extremely oily skin. Having facials twice a month can greatly improve acne blemishes and inhibit oil production by overactive sebaceous glands.

The 5 Stages of a Facial

  • 1. Once your hair is pulled away from your face and wrapped in a towel, the esthetician will cleanse your face using high performance skin products, sponges and/or cotton pads. Following a thorough cleansing, the esthetician will examine your skin with the help of an illuminated magnifying lamp. Your skin is then judged to be oily, dry or a combination of the two; dehydrated; sun-damaged and normal or sensitive in nature. In addition, the esthetician estimates the amount of blemishes you have on the skin to determine the extent of the extraction process.
  • 2. Next, you will have your face steamed to relax pores and soften blemishes for easier extraction. People with sensitive skin may need to bypass the steam stage of a facial while others may experience a mechanical exfoliation while having their skin exposed to steam. “Mechanical” exfoliants are gritty substances that gently remove superficial skin cells that have died but remain adhered to the skin.
  • 3. Exfoliation using mild acids or enzymatic solutions to remove dead and old skin cells that are blocking the emergence of new cells created in the dermis. Eliminating the most superficial layer of the skin also unclogs pores and promotes a health glow to the skin. Men benefit from a facial exfoliation because it uncovers hair follicles previously clogged by dead skin cells and improves shaving results.
  • 4. The extraction stage involves blackhead and whitehead removal by the esthetician, if necessary. Cleaning pores of excessive sebum means pores are less likely to develop inflammation and the ensuing blemishes caused by irritating oil and dirt accumulations. People with mild acne may have extractions performed but those with moderate to severe acne should avoid this stage as it may exacerbated an acne outbreak. Since Mayoral Dermatology estheticians are experienced in performing extractions, most patients find this stage to be quick and painless.
  • 5. Finally, the esthetician applies a facial mask formulated for oily or dry skin. An oily skin mask will absorb excess sebum while a hydrating mask will drench your skin in moisturizers. Facial masks remain on the face for around 15 to 20 minutes and are easily removed with a cloth and warm water. If needed, extra moisturizer and toner is also applied following removal of the mask.

Get a Facial in Coral Gables at Mayoral Dermatology

Facials provided by Mayoral Dermatology estheticians not only deep clean and rejuvenate your skin but are also relaxing dermatological techniques that leave you feeling refreshed, pampered and beautiful. Your skin will feel softer and purer than it has ever felt and those unsightly blemishes once dotting your face will fade or disappear altogether. Try a facial today and experience the pleasurable sensation of skin that is flawlessly radiant, healthy and smooth.