Pixel Perfect™

To restore your skin’s natural tone, diminish the appearance of age spots and other discolorations and smooth fines lines and wrinkles, Pixel laser resurfacing is a quick method for eliminating a variety of skin imperfections that can add years to your appearance.

Pixel laser resurfacing is aptly named because it treats very tiny, “pixel” sized areas of the skin while leaving skin and tissue surrounding the zone untouched. In fact, this is the secret behind the efficacy of Pixel technology–the intact skin contains a reservoir of chemicals that promotes collagen production and rapid healing of the areas that have been treated.

As a newer type of resurfacing device, Pixel laser is a “non-ablative” laser treatment capable of minimizing laxity or sagging of the neck, eyelids and jawline as well as enhancing the overall quality of the skin. By synthesizing new collagen fibers and tightening loosened fibers, Pixel laser will shrink large pores, diminish discolorations such as age spots or birthmarks, smooth away acne scars and remove skin wrinkling that arises from overexposure to UV radiation and aging.

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How Pixel Laser Skin Resurfacing Works

Non-ablative fractional technology, or selective photothermolysis,  is behind the magic of the Pixel laser device. By gently removing skin tissue one pixel at a time, this type of skin resurfacing treatment performs a more controlled and localized ablation in contrast to total ablation technology. This allows a little less than two-thirds of skin surrounding treated areas to remain untouched by the laser beam.

The Pixel laser effectively combines the convenience and comfort level of a non-ablative skin treatment with the clinically proven success of an ablative approach. Fractional lasers emit laser beams that are split microscopically before touching the skin. This produces the extremely small “pixel” treatment areas that are also called MTZs, or “micro-thermal zones”.

The dermatologist will typically pass the laser over skin zones three times to remove the skin’s outer layers responsible for creating the visibility of wrinkles, scars and discolorations. As heat energy enters the skin, collagen production is stimulated as well as release of new, fresh skin cells. Another benefit of Pixel laser therapy is that it is gentle enough to use on thinner skin seen around the eyes and eyelids. This makes Pixel an excellent choice for treating periorbital wrinkle formations.

Even after having a surgical face-lift, people still seek Pixel laser treatment because their skin retains discolorations, textural unevenness and scarring from acne or keloids that cannot be removed by invasive cosmetic procedures. Undergoing Pixel laser will return your skin to its natural tone and generate collagen production to keep your skin looking fresh, glowing and healthy.

Most people wanting to diminish wrinkles, sun damage, acne scars, age spots and skin laxity will benefit from Pixel laser resurfacing. However, severe skin problems such as deep scarring may need another type of treatment that a Mayoral

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Dermatology provider can discuss with you. Following a Pixel laser treatment session, patients may experience varying degrees of redness over the next day or two. Unlike chemical peels, Pixel aftercare does not include messing with bandages, ointments or confining yourself to your home until your skin doesn’t look ravaged anymore. Right after a session, you can return to your usual activities without dealing with pain, itching or risk of infection. At the most, patients have the warm sensation that comes with a light sunburn, which can be alleviated by using special creams provided by Mayoral Dermatology.

Talk to a Mayoral Dermatology specialist today about Pixel laser skin resurfacing technology and discover how youthful and beautiful your real skin can be.