What is CoolSculpting?

Hold it right there. We see that “summer diet” meme you’re about to share with all of your friends who also haven’t been following their summer diet plan. Stop shaming yourself! If thousands of people didn’t struggle with the same exact issue, it wouldn’t be a meme in the first place, right?

Here’s the problem: You cut out junk food, you exercise on a daily basis, and you even sometimes take the stairs at work. And now you’re wondering, “With all this work, shouldn’t my fat be gone by now?” Here’s the bad news: Your results will never come as quickly as you want. That’s just the facts. But, here’s the good news: CoolSculpting is the perfect way to jumpstart your summer body so that you can attain those weight loss goals while it’s still bikini season (or if you’re one of our many male CoolSculpting patients, while it’s still socially acceptable to ditch the shirt in public.)

So what is CoolSculpting? We’re glad you asked! CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure developed by Zeltiq along with scientists and physicians at Harvard University who noticed a correlation between the formation of dimples and children who frequently ate popsicles. After further scrutiny of this strange phenomenon, they realized that the freezing sensation from eating popsicles actually created the cute little pockets of diminished fat cells that we call dimples. To put it simply, the fat cells froze away. Dr. Anderson and Dr. Manstein immediately began conducting clinical trials, focusing mainly on what we call love handles. Since its beginning trials in 2009, CoolSculpting has come a long way. It’s been developed to freeze fat in the most efficient manner possible. Now, a decade later, it only takes 1-3 hours and can reduce unwanted fat by 20-25% in just a single treatment without damaging any other tissues. And get this: It’s the only FDA-approved procedure that delivers these results. While its fat-diminishing effects are not permanent, visible results last for up to 6 months and can be renewed without any tissue damage or negative side effects in follow-up appointments. Typically we see patients 1-3 times for CoolSculpting, but each individual body is different, and we are here to help you until you reach your desired results! 

Does it hurt? Not even a little! The procedure is delivered through a hollow rectangular applicator, which acts as a cooling vacuum. It delivers low temperatures to targeted fat cells beneath the tissue. The crystallization of these excess fat cells is what causes them to eventually break down and disappear. From this initial crystallization to the complete diminishment of the fat cells, you can expect around 3 weeks of waiting time before you see results. That’s nothing! Research shows that repeating the same act for 21 days straight is all it takes to turn a practice into a habit, so while you wait for your guaranteed visible results, hit the gym and eat your veggies! That way, by the time you’re feeling slimmer from your CoolSculpting, you’ll have mastered your workout, established a steady diet, and will never look back!

As one of nine centers in the Miami area that offer the CoolSculpting treatment, Mayoral is proud to deliver safe and effective results. What sets us apart? First and foremost, our doctors’ expertise gained from conducting our own independent clinical trials. We also always provide the best services and treatments and have been perfecting our family-run practice for over two decades. Still, have questions? Give us a call or check out our website for more resources and information on CoolSculpting. While the procedure isn’t surgical, we understand that it’s a big decision. Our expert physicians pride themselves in helping patients make the best decisions for themselves. Come in and let us guide you to a healthy, sustainable, and confident lifestyle! It’s what we do best. 

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