For reducing moderate to severe wrinkles and folds that affect the face due to aging, overexposure to the sun or certain illnesses, Radiesse provides a non-allergenic, biocompatible filler and volumizer that not only fills in even the worst nasolabial folds but also plumps out scars and pitting from acne outbreaks. Composed of a pure compound containing an hydrating gel and calcium hydroxylapatite, Radiesse is readily compatible with body tissues due to the calcium-related chemical structure constituting the volumizer. Gradually, Radiesse is absorbed by the body and harmlessly dissolves into tissues.


Although Radiesse is similar to another popular volumizer called Sculptura, it differs in that the results from one injection are more quickly apparent than the results from an injection of Sculptura, which provides a gradual, more natural improvement of wrinkles and other skin issues over the course of several months. Radiesse is also used to fill out those unattractive hollows and depressions that form around the face due to illness, rapid weight loss or aging. By creating and restoring the volume, life and appealing contours associated with a healthy, youthful face, Radiesse will make you feel more self-confident and satisfied about your appearance.

Why Collagen is Important to Your Skin

Radiesse replenishes lost collagen in aging skin and encourages volumizing and smoothing of deep-set wrinkling. Through this process called “collagenesis”, Radiesse provides exciting results that last several years in many patients who may only need to return for injections every two to three years.

As we age, skin cells responsible for making collagen become less active and consequently produce less collagen. Eventually, this loss of collagen starts to show on our facial skin when fine lines initially appear around the eyes and lips, followed by more prominent wrinkling and deeper folding, especially around the sides of the nose and mouth. These nasolabial folds can add ten or 15 years to your age because of these folds will severely pull on the skin and drag down the rest of your face.

As the primary protein in connective tissues, collagen is what gives the skin its firmness, suppleness and elasticity. It also stimulates skin cell renewal and helps the skin retain enough water to remain sufficiently hydrated. Because aging prevents the skin from enjoying the benefits of collagen that it enjoyed in its younger days, we find that not only does our facial skin experience dryness, wrinkling, cracking and sagging but the rest of our body skin also suffers from this lack of collagen.

How does Radiesse work?

Radiesse replenishes lost collagen and restores skin to a healthy-looking, youthful vibrancy without the wrinkling and sagging that is associated with aging or sun-damaged skin. For most people, a treatment session can provide immediately visible improvements to skin without patients experiencing the downtime and pain associated with surgical cosmetic procedures

Recovery from a Radiesse treatment involves minimal swelling that usually subsides within 24 hours. If swelling or discomfort occurs, patients can gain relief from taking over the counter NSAIDS. However, most patients do not need to anything and are able to resume normal activities immediately following a treatment session.