Brand Name Cosmetic Dermatology Products vs. Non-Brand Cosmetic

You may be interested in getting some cosmetic dermatology treatment like Botox for your fine lines or wrinkles but might be a little on the fence about how to go about it and which path to choose.

While there are many non-brands out there that are cheaper than brand name items like Botox, it’s important to understand that these are not always FDA-approved which can cause some problems down the road. If you are interested in learning about the pros and cons about brand name cosmetic dermatology products verse counterfeit items, read on to get informed before you make your very important decision.

What is the Difference Between Brand Cosmetic Dermatology products and Non-Brand?

When comparing the two, the major difference is that the brand name cosmetic dermatology products are all FDA approved and provide real results, while non-brand products are not always approved by the FDA and can sometimes be unsafe to use, along with not always providing the intended results that the patient wants.

Why Would You Want to Use Non-Brand Cosmetic Products?

The main reason for a person to want to use something that might not be backed by a professional dermatologist or the FDA is because it can be incredibly cheaper than if you were to go the professional route. You also don’t usually have to go into a doctor’s office for a solid consultation first and many times, people even have “Botox parties” where they inject each other with non-FDA approved injections that they bought from a clinic that shouldn’t probably be doing so.

The Cost of Botox Injections

While you can buy a vial of Botox for around $12 or $15 each, you still need to get them injected properly or else you will have some serious side effects that will only provide you with even more issues down the road. Botox is usually priced per the area that the patients wants it, such as along the eyes or lips. Botox costs a few hundred dollars for each area of interest and while getting it done for cheaper may sound like a good idea, it’s really not. You not only need a professional to distribute the injections properly so that there are no problems that occur afterward, but you need a product that is legit so you get the desired results.

What are the Side Effects to Counterfeit Products and Non-Brand Cosmetic Procedures?

When you choose to use a product that has not been FDA cleared, you are really putting yourself at risk for many side effects. Getting injected with a type of Botox that is not approved by the FDA and administered by a professional can cause damage to your skin and the muscles. It’s important for a person to get the right amount of injection for their individual muscle tissue and when they get more than what they need, it can cause severe paralyzation to the area which can’t always be reversed. You have to keep in mind that Botox is a form of toxin that can cause harm when not given properly, however these “scammers” that inject patients with non-FDA approved injections might not be even using actual Botox (even if they are advertising that they are), therefore there can be even more bad toxins to be worried about when going into your skin tissue.

And while patients should worry about these type of counterfeit products having harmful ingredients, they also have something else to be concerned with: products not being effective. Many times, these types of products that are distributed are either expired or have lost potency because they were not stored properly. Some of these also have the wrong ingredients and won’t provide any of the results that you were told that they will. Of course you also risk getting injected with something that isn’t sanitary and can cause other health concerns besides permanent paralyzation of the muscle.

Why Choose Brand Name Cosmetic Dermatology Products?

When you go to a dermatologist to get the Botox injections you want, you clearly want to rest assure that you getting ones that are FDA approved and are given in sanitary conditions. While you will pay more for these injections (starting at around a few hundred dollars per injection), you will know that you are getting what the doctor is telling you. You’ll also be getting injections that have not expired and will provide you with actual results without just taking your money and running.

Finding Brand Name Cosmetic Dermatology Products

Now that you know the difference between brand products and counterfeit products, you might want to learn how to go about finding the proper FDA approved treatments for you. You’ll usually be able to find these topnotch cosmetic products like Botox, at a dermatologist office like Miami’s Mayoral Dermatology where they specialize in these types of treatments. Online is a great search option but ensure you are looking for a medical practitioner who is licensed and has FDA approved products and a long history of providing safe and effective care to their patients. Once you find the doctor of your choice, it’s important to always get a consultation so that the professional can look at your skin and determine how much injection you will need to get the results you are looking for, but with minimal side effects. It’s important for you to always be honest with your doctor about any health concerns or prior conditions so you ensure you get the most out of your visit.

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