Coolsculpting and Thermage: The Dynamic Duo for Sculpted Body?

We all want the perfectly sculptured body with zero body fat and smooth skin, but is it really achievable? Sometimes diet and exercise alone won’t provide the results that we are looking for but thankfully there are some amazing cosmetic dermatology procedures that work wonders. And the best part, is that you don’t even have to go under the knife to get the results you want.

These treatments such as Coolsculpting and Thermage can actually help rid the body of unwanted fatty tissue right in the dermatologist’s office, without any downtime afterward for the patient to worry about. And while these two treatments are excellent on their own, some have found that then they are used together, they are even more powerful.

What are Coolsculpting and Thermage?

In order to understand why these two cosmetic treatments work well when used together, it’s important to first understand what exactly they are and how they work on their own. Here’s a quick overview of both Coolsculpting and Thermage and what they provide to an average patient.


Coolsculpting is a procedure that is done in your local dermatologist’s office and takes roughly an hour to complete. The process is so unique because it actually helps freeze fat cells in the muscle tissue and then the body disposes of the fat on its own naturally. An applicator is applied to the skin and gently massages and sucks the area (like a vacuum) for about an hour to help freeze the fatty tissue. During the procedure the patient may feel some sucking sensation from the applicator and the skin may be very cold, but afterward the patient is able to go on with his or her daily routine without any issue. As for results, many patients see them within a couple of weeks after only one treatment however, some may need other sessions to get the right results that they want. A dermatologist will be able to speak with you on a proper treatment plan to help give you the right results due to your skin type and muscle mass.


While Coolscultping works hard at smoothing the unwanted bulges on the body due to extra fat tissue, Thermage is a cosmetic treatment geared toward wrinkles, especially those along the face. This non-invasive radiofrequency energy treatment targets areas of the skin such as eyes and body to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles. During the procedure, patients will feel heat on the area and a pulsing sensation. While some may experience some redness right after the treatment, most can go about their daily routine without any problems. As for results, most patients are able to notice a big difference a day after the treatment and as time goes by (roughly six months or so), results will get even better as the body produces new collagen.

Using Coolsculpting and Thermage Together

We have learned about these two great treatments and how they benefit the body and the skin on their own, so what can be expected when the two procedures are used together? To some it may seem like an overkill. Why use two procedures when one works so well? However, others find that while these treatments work very well alone, when using them together, they see even more of a difference. Not only does the skin tighten to remove any unwanted bulges, but it actually smooths out too, removing all the unwanted fine lines and wrinkles that appear from aging.

Deciding What Works Best For You

When it comes to deciding whether you should pick Using Coolsculpting, Thermage or should try to have both treatments together, it’s best to speak with your dermatologist to find out which might work the best for you. One might be better than the other due to your skin type or any pre-consisting conditions, while using the two together might provide the best results for your targeted areas. It’s best to go over all this with your doctor so you get the right treatment and even more so, the best overall results.

These two treatments used together isn’t something that is done a lot and normally it seems that these two are combined on very unique circumstances. This is why it’s so essential to speak with a dermatologist while during a proper consultation before the actual treatments occur. Like stated above, these cosmetic treatments are very effective on their own so using these two things together might not be the right option for you or might not even need to happen since they already have such amazing results on their own.

If you are fed up with unwanted fatty bulges on your body, dimples or wrinkle due to sign of aging, then you may want to try either Coolsculpting, Thermage or both. These procedures are ideal for those who have already tried a healthy diet and exercise regimen but still have not been able to get the body that they want. These cosmetic treatments are not for those who are severally overweight. Treatments like these smooth out bulges and lines but do not remove large amounts of fat. Both of these treatments are ideal for those who are already relatively fit and within their ideal bodyweight and just need a little extra help to smooth out the body and skin. If this sounds like you, speak with your doctor today to find out more information, figure out a proper treatment plan and get the body you have been wanting once and for all.

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