Is Botox Becoming Obsolete?

We all know that Botox is the major cosmetic dermatology treatment that has been fighting against signs of aging for years now, but can that be changing? There has been talk that some patients that are facing wrinkles and fine lines are now turning to alternative cosmetic procedures lately, instead of only using Botox.

What is Botox?

Botox is the botulinum toxin type A that is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. It is injected into the skin to help paralyze the muscle so fine lines are softened and wrinkles are not as noticeable on the face. Botox injections normally last only a few months and needs to be done again in order to keep the overall appearance. However, some have experienced a longer result period of a year or so too.

Why Has Botox Been So Popular?

The reason behind Botox being the number one treatment for fine lines and wrinkles for so many years now is because it not only works effectively but it is relatively easy. A patient can go into a dermatologist office and simply get the skin injected right then and there without needing to worry about any preparation or downtime afterward – hence why so many are able to get this treatment done on a lunch break. It’s quick, easy and gives the results so many want. So you might be asking, then why on earth would people not want to take advantage of such an amazing product? Let’s figure out why.

Botox Alternatives

While Botox has been so popular within the the cosmetic dermatology department for so long, over the years we have seen other treatments come into play as well. While some might not have been able to conquer the pesky lines on the face like Botox has, others have been able to impress many with its new and improved techniques.

Here are a few alternatives we have seen pop up in dermatology:

  • Natural Alternatives: Many people enjoy trying to reap the benefits of beautiful, younger looking skin simply by going at it naturally. There are a few popular natural alternatives to choose from too, including Kraft paper patched called Frownies. These patches are placed on the skin and help constrict the muscles so that lines are not as noticeable. After using these patches for a long period of time, you’ll actually be able to see even better results since they can actually help weaken the muscles in the face and help soften the skin even better. People wear these at night and wake up looking and feeling great.
  • Xeomin: This is very similiar to Botox as it is an injectable and targets the area, giving results of a few months. However, a big difference with this treatment compared to Botox is that it doesn’t have a lot of other ingredients (or additives), which means many patients find it helps with preventing antibodies to Xeomin. Why does this matter? Sometimes when a body is injected with an outside source, it can fight it and then not provide the ideal results.

Botox Summary

There are many reasons why someone might want to try a Botox alternative. Whether a patient is interested in trying the latest and greatest thing on the market, or they want to be able to use something a little more natural. Whatever the reason, it seems that these alternatives are growing over the years. But does that necessarily mean that the standard Botox we have trusted is becoming obsolete?

While we have seen plenty of other cosmetic treatments out there used for ridding the face of fine lines and wrinkles, it’s still clear that Botox runs the show. While some might be looking for an alternative to this type of treatment, it doesn’t mean it still isn’t being used. And let’s face it, it has been used for a long time and will continue to be because it provides the results that everyone wants and has been doing it for many years.

When trying to decide whether Botox is right for you or if you want to try an alternative, speak with your local dermatologist to decide which is the best for your skin, and which will give you the results you want.

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