Melanoma Treatment After Diagnosis

Melanoma treatment after diagnosis can be a very simple procedure. Our Dr. Manuel Iriondo of Mayoral Dermatology in Coral Gables specializes in Melanoma diagnosis and treatment. Today, a diagnosis of melanoma in its early to middle stages can usually be treated successfully using laser therapy, Mohs surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or a combination of one Read more

Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Patient Questions about Cosmetic Dermatology

What are the Top 10 Most FAQ’s about Cosmetic Dermatology by Patients at Mayoral Dermatology in Coral Gables? Patients ask our staff hundreds of different questions about skin conditions, cosmetic dermatology procedures and what to expect from a specific kind of procedure. However, out of these many inquiries, some questions are asked more often than others. Read more

Skin Conditions Guide to Health Disorders and Diseases

Pay Attention to your Skin!: A Guide to What Your Skin Is Trying to Tell You About Your Health Unless we are burning with fever, suffering from uncontrollable vomiting and can’t manage to lift our head from the pillow, most of us don’t pay close attention to adverse medical conditions that may be affecting our Read more

Can Facial Exercises Really Prevent or Reduce Wrinkling Skin?

Does “exercising” your face—raising eyebrows up and down, rolling your head from side to side, puckering and un-puckering your lips 20 times in a row or just making random faces at yourself in the mirror every day—really prevent wrinkles from appearing on the face and neck area? Late-night infomercials featuring people who you have never Read more

Ditching Double Chins – The Magic of Dermal Fillers

Around age 50, most of us begin to notice that every time we peer into the bathroom mirror, the face reflecting back to us looks slightly different than it did the last time we examined it. But what is it that is different? Skin tone? Another age spot?  Additional laugh lines, also known less humorously Read more

Breast Cancer Awareness Guide

According to recent statistics regarding medical conditions specific to women, one in eight women over the age of 30 will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. Just a few decades ago, a diagnosis of breast cancer meant a significantly shortened life span for the woman receiving such a dire diagnosis. Today, however, Read more

Healthy Skin and The Psychology of Looking Attractive

Everybody wants to look their best when greeting the world. That is why we spend so much time on our hair, our faces, choosing clean, stylish clothing over dirty, old clothing and even the whiteness of our teeth. But why do we put so much emphasis on appearances? Why do we want perfect faces framed Read more

Chemical Peels and Facials are Safe and Effective

Worried about the potential harshness of chemical peels and facials? Don’t be! These procedures are two of the safest and most effective methods used by Mayoral Dermatology specialists to thoroughly clean problem skin and dramatically reduce the appearance of acne scarring and pitting, discolorations, large pores and many other skin issues. As an affordable and Read more

Dermatologists Urge Everyone to Take Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Seriously

Concerned that too many people are not taking a diagnosis of non-melanoma skin cancer seriously enough, dermatologists strongly urge people who have received such a diagnosis to seek substantiated information regarding these types of skin cancers instead of relying on misinformation and misconceptions about non-melanoma skin cancer. Commonly diagnosed non-melanoma skin cancers include squamous cell Read more

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Moles Checked Regularly

Although a small mole dotting the corner of a woman’s mouth is often referred to as a “beauty mark”, moles are sometimes anything but attractive, especially when change from being harmlessly pretty to dangerously ugly. Rare is it to find anyone who doesn’t have at least one mole on their body somewhere and unfortunately, it Read more

Warts Begone

Warts are unsightly little nuisances that frequently appear and disappear at random, only to appear again when we least expect it in a more obvious place on the body. Harmless but definitely unattractive, warts develop when the human papillomavirus (HPV) virus sneaks its way into tiny cuts in the skin. The virus frequently infects the Read more

Health Risks Involved with Liposuction

[subtitle]Understanding the Dangers of Liposuction And Why an Alternative Should Be Considered[/subtitle] Liposuction is not a quick, painless method for fat removal. Instead, liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure involving anesthesia, incisions, bleeding, post-operative recovery time and pain. Commonly used to remove fat deposits accumulating on the thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen and back, liposuction is Read more

Help for Psoriasis Sufferers – Ultraviolet B Phototherapy

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disorder that can make life uncomfortable and isolating for individuals who must experience the constant itching, burning and soreness of psoriasis plaques. Scaly, bright red psoriasis lesions form on the skin when abnormal skin cell proliferation, caused by the immune system attacking the body in error, creates these thickly layered, Read more

Could Melanoma Be Thriving Under Your Tattoos?

Currently, nearly 50 million U.S. citizens have at least one tattoo decorating an area of their body. Millions more will decide to get additional tattoos each year as well. Because of the popularity of tattooing, dermatologists are quickly discovering that people who deliberately choose to conceal a particularly unattractive birthmark or mole with a tattoo Read more

Successful Rosacea and Acne Treatments Depend on Good Skin Care

Acne and rosacea are two chronic skin conditions frequently treated by dermatologists using a variety of topical medications, facial peels and phototherapy techniques to reduce the severity of the skin disorder. However, patients undergoing treatments for rosacea and acne should be aware of actions they can take that could enhance or prevent the ability of Read more

Men, Women and Wrinkles–Who Gets More as They Age?

Everybody’s skin inevitably wrinkles as they age, no matter how many cosmetic procedures a person experiences in an effort to delay the wrinkling and sagging of aging skin. Although it may seem perfectly normal to assume that men and women experience skin wrinkling in similar ways, recent research regarding gender differences and wrinkles has found Read more

Not Just for Wrinkles–Botox Injections and Hyperhidrosis

When Botox injections became one of the most popular methods to remove wrinkles and firm sagging skin, dermatologists started hearing reports from hyperhidrosis patients who received Botox shots for wrinkles that they were not sweating as excessively as they had been prior to receiving Botox injections. Intrigued by the prospect that Botox may be having Read more

Can a Dermatologist Eliminate Dark Circles under the Eyes?

Yes! Dermatologists not only treat many kinds of skin conditions ranging from acne to pre-cancerous skin lesions but they can also apply a variety of non-invasive procedures designed to eliminate dark circles under the eyes quickly and painlessly. For most people, over-the-counter creams or “folk” remedies may provide some relief from dark circles but it Read more

Skin Cancer Treatments Most Performed Procedure in 2012

The American Society for Dermatological Surgery reports that in 2012, more skin cancer treatments were performed than any other treatment related to skin disorders. Nearly three million procedures were implemented on melanomas and precancerous skin lesions, with phototherapy and laser light treatments being the second most performed skin procedure. Soft tissue fillers and neurotoxin injections Read more

Enhancing Lips with Cosmetics May be Dangerous to Your Health

For centuries, women have been using a vast array of lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners and other lip-enhancing cosmetics to make their lips appear as plump and luscious-looking possible. In ancient times, these cosmetics were made from natural materials, such as red berries, pulverized gemstones or dyes extracted from certain plants and flowers. It wasn’t Read more