Protect Your Skin from the Dangers of Ultraviolet Radiation

The Centers for Disease Control released a recent report asserting that one out of every five individuals living in the U.S. will, at some point in their lives, be diagnosed with skin cancer. Considering the many options we have to use with which to protect ourselves against damaging ultraviolet rays, why is this statistic so Read more

Treating Psoriasis – UV Therapy or Topical Ointments?

Psoriasis is an incurable skin condition that presents rapidly spreading “plaques” over all areas of the body. These plaques consist of thick layers of silvery-white dead skin cells that itch, bleed and turn bright red when severely inflamed. Considered an immune-mediated skin disease with a definite genetic component, psoriasis can negatively affect an individual’s quality Read more

Rosacea Do’s and Don’ts

Rosacea – a big problem if you have it. Here is a video from the AAD to help you with some of the do’s and don’ts in managing your touchy skin. Topical Care for Rosacea Cleansers for Rosacea Go MILD! Your Rosacea already spells sensitive so you want to be sure your cleanser isn’t adding Read more

Tackling the Aging Hands Issue

Aging hands – nobody enjoys that part of getting older. Hands often age far more quickly than faces. They get more abuse and less attention. We drive a lot in Florida so our hands get more sun exposure – that means more spots and pigmentation, more cell damage and more wrinkles. Outside of wearing gloves Read more

Wrinkle Reduction How-to

If you have wrinkles you would like to get rid of or at least reduce in appearance, it’s important to know what causes wrinkles in the first place. First and foremost, as we age our bodies make less collagen which is what makes our skin soft and supple. With less collagen, we get wrinkles. With Read more

Cosmetic Trends for the Perfect Body

2013 Top Cosmetic Treatments: Laser/light/energy-based procedures: 2.25 million, up 34 percent over 2012 Wrinkle-relaxing injections (such as Botox): 1.8 million, up 20 percent Soft-tissue fillers (such as Juvederm): 995,000 procedures, up 8.6 percent *American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) Is the Quest for Body Perfection on the Rise? We have all been relatively obsessed with Read more

Clear It Up Green Tea Antioxidant Cream Face

[beforeafter] [/beforeafter] Clear It Up Green Tea Antioxidant Cream Face Redness has decreased Pore size is diminished Texture is smoother and the skin looks radiant Patient used Clear It Up Green Tea Antioxidant Serum consistently for 2 years

How To Get Rid Of Fat

Most people believe to get rid of fat you must spend hours focusing on what you’re eating as well as on the treadmill. The truth is, for busy people this is simply not an option. If we could add several more hours to the day it would be possible, but unfortunately we have to accept Read more

Men And The Need For Caring About One’s Skin

Many men make the initial mistake of believing that skin care is only something women do. The male morning skin care regimen often involves bumbling about in the bathroom knocking over perfume bottles, cosmetics, and cleansers to get to the shaving cream and razor. According to Dr. Jeffry Dover, from Yale’s School of Medicine, it Read more

Skin and How Stress Affects It

You’re probably familiar with what stress can do to the mind and the body, but have you given any thought as to what it can do to your skin? You’ve probably seen it, especially before a big date or the day you have to give an important speech at work. That’s right, the stress induced Read more

Your Very Own Skincare Calendar

While the seasons continue to change, your skincare routine should never take a day off. Your skincare regimen should follow seasonal patterns, altering month to month to suit your skin’s changes. In order to maintain healthy, blemish-free skin, keep up the hard work year-round. For example, your summer skincare regimen might not work so great Read more