Your Very Own Skincare Calendar

While the seasons continue to change, your skincare routine should never take a day off. Your skincare regimen should follow seasonal patterns, altering month to month to suit your skin’s changes. In order to maintain healthy, blemish-free skin, keep up the hard work year-round. For example, your summer skincare regimen might not work so great in the winter, and what seems to work in spring may not work during the fall season. Due to a these seasonal, climate changes, we are here to help discuss some differences between the four seasons and what we recommend changing in your skin care regimen.

During The Winter

As the weather gets colder, you may begin to notice that there is less moisture in the air. Your skin may feel ‘rougher,’ dryer and may have far less elasticity as it once did. We recommend that you moisturize more than usual since the cold weather is most likely going to rid your skin of the necessary moisture it needs.

Naturally, people are exposed to the cold weather on a daily basis, so it is crucial that you pay attention to your hands as well, not just your arms, legs and face. When using a petrolatum-based formula, this creates a deep moisturizing effect on your skin that goes a long way towards making sure that your hands look just as great as the rest of your body during the cold weather.


During The Spring

Spring is often considered the time of renewal—a time for rebirth. As such, you want to make sure that you give your skin an extra boost by exfoliating several times a week. In addition, avoid heavy layers of makeup during this period because the weather during this time of the year will do more damage to your skin than you may think.

Once you begin to see the first hints of sunshine, the proper lip balm will provide moisture and protection where you need it.


During The Summer

When the weather gets really warm, we get a tan—great, right? Truthfully, a tan can and often does look great, but too much sunshine and Vitamin D is going to cause serious damage to your skin, both short term and long term. Make sure that you moisturize regularly (after all, the sun is going to dry our skin) and use SPF 30+ sunscreen daily.

In addition to protecting your skin from the suns UV rays, you also want to make sure that you wear protective clothing, sunglasses and a hat. Too much sun might feel great at first but skin cancer, wrinkles, sun blemishes, and dark spots are a heavy price to pay later in life.

During The Fall

During the fall, heavy viscosity of some creams will add a lot more thickness than a regular lotion will. A simple, everyday lotion is not going to do the trick. Make the switch to a heavier, ultra-hydrating moisturizer. Knowing the weather is going to turn rough with winter approaching, we strongly recommend adding hydrating cleansers and face masks to your weekly routine.

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