Rosacea Do’s and Don’ts

Rosacea – a big problem if you have it. Here is a video from the AAD to help you with some of the do’s and don’ts in managing your touchy skin.

Topical Care for Rosacea

Cleansers for Rosacea

Go MILD! Your Rosacea already spells sensitive so you want to be sure your cleanser isn’t adding to the problem. High-lathering cleansers generally mean they are stripping necessary moisture. There are physician-recommended cleansers in our office, and many work hand in hand with treatment creams and gels. One other option at your drugstore is a cleanser with ceramides (Cerave comes to mind). A little further down the list is Cetaphil and Dove (fragrance free).

Toners for Rosacea

The take away here is “don’t”. unless on the advice of a doctor. Most toners contain alcohol, a certain irritant to Rosacea skin.

Moisturizers for Rosacea

Again, fragrance-free and inclusive of ceramides. Avene and Neoctuis both have great products that are made expressly for Rosacea and sensitive skin.

Sunscreens for Rosacea

As noted in the video, sunscreens are critical in protecting your skin.

Cosmetics for Rosacea

Pure mineral powder makeup and Oxygentix (available in our office) are both suitable for sensitive skin. Stay away from 24-hour makeups and those that are highly fragranced.

Medical Treatments for Rosacea

  • RX creams and gels like Metrogel and Finacea will help control flareups and general skin health
  • RX Oracea for managing breakouts related to Rosacea
  • Laser-specific targeting of enlarged vessels caused by repeated flares or sun exposure can minimize redness to a great degree
  • Photodynamic Therapy and IPL are other options
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