The Difference Between Thermage and Botox

Are you fed up with those unwanted wrinkles and fine lines that have slowly crept on your face? Of course you are! No one wants the signs of aging to take hold, but unfortunately no matter what we do, it happens.

Even if you use the best over-the-counter creams for your face, you may still see the signs of aging but you don’t have to worry too much because there are cosmetic treatments out there that can help smooth the skin for that young, healthy glow you want. If you are someone who is interested in removing the fine lines and wrinkles on your face, there are a few solid options, including the popular treatments Botox and Thermage. Not sure which one is right for you? Learn about each treatment first before committing to one option.

What is Thermage?

This cosmetic treatment is FDA-approved and provides real results that can be seen quickly. It actually helps tighten and smooth out the face to give the skin a younger look. Thermage provides long lasting results too, as you can have your face looking its best for up to two years after the initial treatment. There are some preparations that some patients might need to encounter, such as taking pain relievers before the treatment. Depending on the level of intensity that the patients has during the treatment (some get a higher setting than others so they have faster results and because of their skin type), will determine whether they need to take any necessary precautions before the actual procedure.

However, each patient will need to thoroughly wash their face before the treatment takes place to help remove all makeup and dirt. During the actual Thermage procedure, the doctor will use a ThermaTip that will pulsate the outer layer of skin. During this type, the patient will feel a warm sensation with each pulse, which can be a little uncomfortable, but each pulse only lasts a couple of seconds and the entire treatment lasts for about an hour.

Immediately after the treatment, patients will notice that their skin looks and feels tighter, however in the following months is when the real results are seen. Patients only need to get one treatment too, which makes this treatment very convenient. Some side effects can include redness and bumps on the skin but usually go away within a few days.

What is Botox?

Botox is another cosmetic dermatology procedure that is very common for those who are looking to rid the face of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. Botox can be used to help remove wrinkles on the forehead, the eyes, the brow and the neck. It is a treatment made from the bacterial toxin botulin that helps to paralyze muscle tissue on the face to prevent movement and soften lines. Botox is injected into the skin, where the wrinkles are most prominent and it prevents muscles from contracting so the skin looks smoother.

The overall procedure only takes a few minutes to complete and it usually takes a few days or about a week to see the final results. Most patients see results for about four months, however it can last up to six, depending on the skin and muscle tissue. After that time is up, you will then need to go back and continue getting treatments to keep up with the results.

Your doctor will inject you with the same amount of Botox each time so you keep the same results each time you have to come back. While this treatment is relatively easy and safe, there are some side effects that a patient can experience such as bruising, headache, soreness, redness and drooping eyelid that usually bounces back to normal within a short period of time.

Botox is very popular among so many because it is a simple procedure that can be done right in the dermatologist office within a few minutes and has no downtime afterward. It is also less expensive than a lot of other cosmetic treatments including Thermage.

Which Treatment is Right for You?

Determining the best cosmetic procedure for your needs can seem rather complicated and scary. There are so many options out there that you can try so knowing which one that will give you the results you want and the treatment that will be cost efficient for your financial needs and won’t give you any lasting side effects can seem very overwhelming, but luckily you’re not in this alone.

Your dermatologist can help you determine which type of treatment is the best one for you when you go in for your consultation. During this time, you will sit down with your doctor and go over your skin type, previous health conditions and the results that you hope to see. Your doctor will help determine which treatment plan is the best for your individual needs and can schedule the treatment right then and there. Everyone is different and everyone has different health conditions so this is why getting a proper consultation is needed.

Now that you understand the difference between the two popular cosmetic treatments, Thermage and Botox, you can now chat with your doctor about which procedure will work the best for you. While both can provide amazing results, Thermage can cost more than Botox and can also take longer while getting it done. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong choice. Your doctor might feel that this type of treatment might be best for your needs because you want to rid not only your face from wrinkles but also your neck from those ugly unwanted lines.

Speak with your doctor today to determine which cosmetic procedure will work the best on you.

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