Plasma Facelift – Not Just a Kardashian Thing Anymore

Not Just a Kardashian Thing Anymore

The Rising Popularity of the Plasma Injection Facelift

Don’t let the name scare you away! Contrary to its ominous sounding title, the Plasma Facelift is now the hottest cosmetic procedure performed by qualified dermatologists that is designed to non-surgically eliminate wrinkles, improve skin texture, shrink large pores and improve the appearance of various skin imperfections. According to Dr. Paul S. Nassif, one of Beverly Hills, CA most popular cosmetic dermatologists and world famous reconstructive/plastic surgeon: “The Plasma Facelift…is a procedure involving micro-needling with platelet rich plasma that typically only lasts an hour–and it is great”! (

So Are Vampires Involved with this Facelift?

Of course not—although the Plasma Facelift does require a small amount of blood, specifically the PRP, or platelet rich plasma component of an individual’s blood. Prior to beginning the Plasma Facelift procedure, a cosmetic dermatologist will draw enough blood from the person undergoing the facelift and place a tube of her blood in a centrifuge. After spinning in the centrifuge for several minutes, the blood is then mixed with a solution that facilitates separation of red blood cells from blood plasma. This platelet rich plasma is finally applied to the skin’s dermal layer during and after a procedure called micro-needling.

Micro-Needling Sounds Painful!

A generous layer of a topical numbing agent  applied by the dermatologist before the microneedling with PRP treatment begins prevents the procedure from being truly painful.  Microneedling is the rapid penetration of the skin by 12 very tiny, thin needles that deposit platelet rich plasma into the skin’s dermis. This microneedling action also creates “micro-injuries” which makes the skin think it is suffering an injury. Because the skin wants to initiate repairs as soon as possible, it starts producing new collagen around these microneedling sites, promoting rejuvenation and inducing tightening of loose skin.

How Long Before the Results of a Plasma Facelift are Visible?

Most people see visible improvement within four weeks and sometimes sooner, depending on the type of skin condition being treated. In addition, skin becomes more radiant and luminescent as pores shrink and the skin’s matrix tightens to create smoother, younger-looking skin.

Raves from Hollywood A-Listers for the Plasma Face Lift

Dazzling beauty and fashion model Bar Refaeli recently shared her experience with the Plasma Facelift procedure by posting an in-progress “selfie”on Instagram a few weeks before appearing on the X Factor television show in Israel.

Although Ms. Refaeli’s “selfie” was described as “gory” by viewers of the photo, it was simply showing what her face looked like after the dermatologist had applied the platelet rich plasma solution to the skin. The amazing results of the supermodel’s Plasma Facelift could clearly be seen when she appeared live on Israel’s version of the X Factor—Bar Refaeli looked absolutely stunning!

Kourtney and Kim Take Miami—and Kim Gets a Plasma Facelift!

A recent airing of Kim Kardashian’s popular reality show with her sister Kourtney involved Kim being filmed as she received microneedling with PRP. She also posted a picture of herself with blood smeared on her face but looking radiantly beautiful nonetheless.

During the procedure, Kardashian stated that she “loves trying anything that makes you look and feel youthful” but then claimed that she would “never get a facelift if it feels like this” because she did not like the pricking sensation caused by the microneedling.

What the Experts Say

Dr. Paul Nassif recommends the Plasma Facelift to increase volume, enhance skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines without the downtime associated with surgical facelifts or laser peels (

In addition to rejuvenating the famous faces of A-list celebrities and anyone else desiring smoother, lustrous, youthful skin, platelet rich plasma is being actively investigated in clinical applications as a way to treat nerve injuries, repair and regenerate bone and help promote healing of damaged cardiac muscle. Because PRP contains rich amounts of cytokines and growth factors that can stimulate healing of soft tissues and bone, a Plasma Facelift may not only be great for aesthetic purposes for overall health and well-being as well.

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