A Patient’s Review of Coolsculpting

[subtitle]Coolsculpting is a Lifesaver and Body Changer. I’ll Tell You Why.[/subtitle]

I have been thin and active all my life. I often thanked the Universe for the body that I believed would never change. However, after having my son, who is now three, and like other new mothers, sometimes the body takes a change for the worst. I really thought all of me would bounce back, but there resided in my mid-section the most stubborn fat on Earth, literally.

No matter what I did -exercise, special belly diets, etc.-, the fat just wouldn’t budge. My legs, arms and buttocks were shrinking, but that belly told me it was there to stay. After feeling desperate, I contemplated liposuction and even an intense “tummy tuck” for quite sometime. I was struggling with the idea of doing something so invasive and expensive. Luckily, I met a friend who also had a baby and suggested I try “freezing” my fat with a new innovative procedure called Coolsculpting by Zeltiq™. Freezing my fat? Was she serious and is that real? So my curiosity led me to Google where I found Mayoral Dermatology.  I was excited to get it going.

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What to Expect

When I arrived, it was the usual paperwork and then shortly after they took me into a comfortable and serene lit room.  I was asked some questions about the area I was looking to get rid of, took pictures for the before and after visual, laid me down and explained in more detail about this non-invasive Coolsculpting treatment.

There was little to no preparation for it and I just remembered thinking, thank goodness there are no needles, scalpels or sedation involved. It was comforting to know that I could just walk out myself afterwards without a chaperone because of being groggy from anesthesia. In a nutshell, there isn’t much to it like the alternative surgery. I lay there, they placed this mechanism on the area of my belly I wanted gone and it quickly sucked all the fat it could into it like a vacuum stuck on and forcing up a rug. It was bizarre feeling, but not painful in the least. The immediate feeling was a very cold sensation.

The medical assistant offered me a magazine, blanket and something to drink, and said she would be back in to check on me. The attentiveness of the assistant was very comforting even though it’s unnecessary being how simple the process actually is. I read a magazine and then at the mid-point of the about one-hour procedure I started to get a bit of discomfort; my belly got a slight burning sensation. The medical assistant told me it was the point before the numbing occurs and not to worry that it would pass shortly, and it did. 30-minutes later the procedure was done. Coolsculpting PatientThey took the Coolsculpting contraption off my belly by basically pulling a frozen block piece of fat out of the machine. It was quite unattractive, but amusing at the same time. My belly was ice cold and numb to the touch and it was like that for many hours thereafter.

The “Cool” Results

So… The days and weeks after were normal, normal with a bit of peculiar sensations in the belly area. I often got numbness, stinging and tingling, but I was told this was completely normal. In my opinion, it is far better to experience a week or so of the same feeling you get when your foot falls asleep than to have sutures, a chance of infection or genuine pain.

After those feelings subsided, I was left waiting to see the progression. Looking at yourself in the mirror everyday doesn’t do justice. We’re so accustomed to what we see or don’t see that we need pictures, others or in my situation, a pair of pants to show us. About six weeks later, I attempted to put on the pair of jeans that I had sworn would fit me again. Well, they fit and with no belly bulge; they looked great. My belly did look improved! It was natural looking and scar free, and I was astounded.

For years, the cosmetic world and body alterations were about nipping and tucking. I took the chance with Coolsculpting out of fear of surgery, and to my surprise it actually worked. The most amazing part is that even with the occasional and minor weight fluctuations, my belly still remains flat. It’s as if the fat disappeared and the area would remain intact. Since then, I have recommended this procedure to many other friends and they also have had positive results. My advice… Save your money, say no to incisions, stitches, bruises and anesthesia, and get Coolsculpting done without delay!

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