People of all ages have dealt with unwanted and excessive hair by constantly shaving, plucking, waxing or engaging in other forms of painful hair removal techniques. Men often have embarrassing amounts of back, shoulder and dark facial hair they desperately want to remove and women suffer mostly from unattractive hair growth in the bikini area, on the upper lip, around the chin and in between the eyebrows. It is normal to want to look well groomed and attractive to others, especially since first impressions make a lasting impact on other. Feeling good about the way you look further enhances your self-confidence, self-esteem and overall sense of well-being.

yag hair removal logoFor removal of unwanted hair, Mayoral Dermatology provides a state of the art hair removal system called the GentleYAG™ Laser. YAG is the acronym for “yttrium aluminum garnet” laser technology recently developed to facilitate cosmetic laser surgery and hair removal. Technically known as the Nd (neodymium) YAG Laser, this laser differs from other laser in regards to its extended wavelength. Longer wavelengths allows for use on all shades of skin, something that other lasers are not able to do effectively.  In addition to laser hair removal, the GentleYAG™ Laser is also used for elimination of spider veins and other minor vascular issues and nail fungal infections.

YAG lasers emit highly intense, energy-filled light beams that gently and painlessly enter skin cell tissue to remove hair by a process called selective (melanin) photothermolysis. This procedure (abbreviated SPTL) heats hair follicles enough to damage them but does not heat surrounding skin. Consequently, the follicle is no longer able to sprout hairs and skin in between follicles remains undamaged. This type of laser hair removal also depends on the ability of lasers to absorb adequate amounts of melanin, the substance that gives your skin its color, which boosts the light beam’s power to destroy a follicle.

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Mayoral Dermatology uses only GentleYAG™ Laser because of its versatility, effectiveness and ability to provide patients with exceptionally satisfying results. After we spread a carbon lotion on the skin to help absorb laser light energy (instead of the skin absorbing the energy), the hair removal treatment is quick and easy. Skin is more youthful looking, smoother and beautifully toned when excess hair is no longer concealing its natural attractiveness.

In addition to removing unwanted hair, GentleYAG™ Laser treatments will also:

  • Promote collagen production and new cell growth
  • Revitalizes dull skin tones
  • Fade skin discolorations such as sun or age spots
  • Diminish unsightly scars, broken capillaries and birthmarks
  • Smooth wrinkles and fine lines
  • Tighten sagging skin

Health Problems Associated with Excessive Hair Growth

Excessive hair growth may also pose health risks to some individuals, giving them a non-cosmetic reason to remove hair overgrowth with the GentleYAG™ Laser system. A common problem suffered by people with too much hair is folliculitis, more commonly known as “ingrown hair”, although that term does not explain the condition correctly. Usually caused when hair follicles are inflamed due to irritation such as continual plucking, waxing or shaving, folliculitis resembles an acne outbreak, with development of bright red, painful, itchy pustules over the affected area. It occurs as hairs try to regrow from chafed follicles but cannot push through due to inflammation. Women often suffer folliculitis on the legs and men generally experience it on the face and buttocks. When bacterial folliculitis is diagnosed, traditional hair removal techniques should not be attempted until the condition has disappeared or bacteria could spread to other areas of the body.

Carbuncles are another reason why excessive or unwanted hair removal should be considered a necessary non-invasive procedure rather than just a cosmetic treatment. Carbuncles are skin infections caused by the staphylococcus aureua bacteria and involve groups of infected hair follicles forming one pus-filled mass deep under the skin. Although some carbuncles can be drained at home, most enlarge too far under the skin and need surgical intervention by a physician. In addition to being painful, ugly looking and potentially serious if not treated properly, carbuncles are also contagious and can be passed to others if the bacteria reaches another person’s skin.

Hair removal treatments at Mayoral Dermatology using the GentleYAG™ Laser system will eliminate the need to constantly shave, tweeze, pluck or wax unwanted hair while giving you a polished, clean appearance that never needs improved. This simple and fast procedure is one Mayoral Dermatology’s most popular procedures and consistently provides patients with the smooth, hairless fresh looking skin they have always desired.