Go Poreless, by Dr. Flor Mayoral, M.D.

Every woman is interested in having a perfect skin, especially Hispanic women. One of the things that most concerns my patients is the size of their pores. Of course, the pore size is a matter of genetics we cannot change, but there are products that can reduce the size of our pores and help conceal their appearance.

As we age, we lose elasticity in the skin and connective tissue that maintains pores a certain size will begin to diminish. The pore widens and the result is the increase in pore size and our dream of having porcelain skin recedes further each day. Another reason why our pores are enlarged is the accumulation of dead cells within pore walls. This may be caused by acne or cells that are trapped inside the pore.

What can you do about your pores?

What can we do? We must cleanse our skin daily and use ingredients that gently remove dead cells from the skins surface. Ingredients like salicylic acid or derivatives of vitamin A can help reduce the appearance of our pores. Also, using products containing micronized Silicone help diminish the appearance of our pores. There are products on the market today that combines many of the qualities of the ingredients mentioned as Pore Minimizer Youth Code from L’Oreal.

Alternative Pore Treatment

Most importantly, avoid using harsh products like those that use adhesive strips that rip dead cells from our skin as well as rubbing and cleaning the skin too often. If the widening of the pores does not improve with previous suggestions, there are procedures such as fractional radiofrequency INFINI of Lutronic that can improve the appearance of your pores dramatically. Your dermatologist may recommend 2-3 treatments to achieve a desired, noticeable result.

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