Coolsculpting – Weight Loss Without Surgery

Help your weight loss program and diet with this amazing innovative procedure.

We expend enormous amounts of energy, time and money trying to remove stubborn body fat by starving ourselves and performing endless hours of boring exercise routines. Excess abdominal, hip, and thigh fat is especially problematic for people who want to streamline their shape but can’t get rid of those “love handles” or dangly thighs no matter what we do. Liposuction, a common weight loss procedure, is a major surgery involving anesthesia, excisions, blood loss, risk of infection and downtime.  To most of us, the idea of undergoing liposuction to remove fat deposits seems extreme and a little scary.

CoolSculpting by Zeltiq is the latest cosmetic procedure taking the industry by storm that dissolves fat cells.  By using the innovative science of cryolipolysis stubborn body fat can be eliminated without the patient undergoing surgery.  This weight loss without surgery procedure is performed at our office, Mayoral Dermatology in Coral Gables, FL. The results continue to amaze our patients who chose to experience the procedure instead of wasting more of their time and money on expensive fad diets and ineffective exercise programs. To understand how CoolSculpting works to easily and painlessly give you the shape you have always wanted, it is important to first understand what fat is, why some fat is necessary for our health and how too much fat is harmful to our health.

Fundamentals of Fat

Fat is a loose type of connective tissue in contrast to the tougher connective tissue that literally holding our bodies together in one piece. Body fat contains fat cells called adipocytes that possess lipid-based energy necessary for us to function. In fact, when the body does not have enough fat reserves from which to extract energy, all systems will begin to shut down, starting with the cardiovascular system as seen frequently in people suffering from acute anorexia.

We also need fat for cushioning, protection, insulation and hormone production. Fat is so vital to hormone production that it is considered by some physicians to be an actual organ comprising the endocrine system. So with all the evidence pointing to adipose tissue being essential for good health, why should we want to get rid of those unsightly bulges, rolls and lumps?

One reason involves cultural ideas concerning what is a physically attractive feature and what is not. In the U.S. and many other Western countries, being overweight is not considered an attractive condition. However, regardless of society’s image of the perfect figure, the undisputed fact remains: Carrying too much fat on your body is unhealthy and may even prove to be deadly.

Dangers of Visceral Fat

While subcutaneous fat (the layer of fat directly under the skin) is necessary as a source of energy, insulation and protecting our bones, visceral fat can cause health problems ranging from type 2 diabetes to inflammatory diseases such as atherosclerosis and cancer. Specifically, visceral fat is fat that accumulates deep within the abdominal cavity, producing visible “belly fat” and inhibiting the optimal functioning of internal organs. Just having a small amount of visceral fat clinging to your stomach area can promote the development of high blood pressure and high cholesterol counts, two leading causes of numerous obesity-related diseases. Unfortunately, visceral fat is the hardest to lose because it takes years to establish this type of fat. Adipose cells comprising visceral fat are “meatier” than subcutaneous fat and resistant to proper diet and exercise.

CoolSculpting – Weight Loss Without Surgery

CoolSculpting ( utilizes a state-of-the-art, hand-held device. It emits controlled bursts of supercooling energy that targets fat cells and tissue without damaging the skin. Once “freeze-dried”, fat cells undergo a complex chemical process that crystallizes them so that the body naturally absorbs and eventually eliminates dead fat cells as waste.

Facts about CoolSculpting


What CoolSculpting is Not

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