Coolsculpting Side Effects

Coolsculpting also known medically as cryolipolysis is the process of reducing fat by cooling the fat cells to the point of “death.” Coolsculpting is quite the miracle procedure, without any surgery or anesthetic; however, just because it is significantly less invasive, does not mean that zero side effects appear during or afterwards. Side effects during and post any procedure are normal, and fortunately for the Coolsculpting patient, this procedure has none that are life threatening or truly unbearable.

Before mentioning the side effects, it is important to know that there are various kinds and that some are more prevalent than others. Few side effects occur in the course of the Coolsculpting procedure and the majority do occur post-procedure. The side effects that happen during the treatment are most familiarized with, as a majority of patients have described the same effects. There are two levels of side effects after the treatment, those that are common and tolerable, and those that are not common and quite unpleasant.

The first side effects are actually during the one-hour or so procedure. Since Coolsculpting is cooling of the fat, the four stages of “icing” should be known. First, the area gets cold, second, the area will experience a burning sensation, third, slight aching and lastly, numbness. As you can see, the discomfort is going to likely occur in the beginning phase of the procedure as the area gets very cold and begins to “freeze.” If you have ever had to ice an injury in the past and have taken the time to treat the pain until a state of numbness, you may be familiar with the uncomfortable feeling mentioned above. An additional side effect during the procedure may be due to the suctioning of the fat and skin into the Coolsculpting apparatus. It may feel as if you are vacuuming one day at home, get curious and stick the vacuum hose on your skin and it sucks your skin into it. You can imagine, that will feel quite awkward and restrictive, but nothing to be bent over in pain about. The two mentioned side effects above are generally the only side effects for the period of the treatment.

Common Side Effects of Coolsculpting

The side effects once the procedure is complete are a few more and the ones that are bearable and short lived. Some of these side effects come instantly and others within a few days. Some side effects seen are:

Most patients have no complaints about these side effects and feel that it presents no disruption to their daily doings.

Rare Side Effects of Coolsculpting

There are some additional side effects that are a bit more extreme, but not common. This generally depends on the area where the procedure is performed. Some of the side effects are:

The patients who experience this considerable discomfort are virtually always those who have had the treatment done with one large applicator and in the lower abdomen area. If the pain is rather uncomfortable, an over the counter or non-narcotic pain reliever prescribed by the administering physician may be taken.

Coolsculpting, all in all, does not limit any patient from any physical activity. Patients can continue with their everyday activities immediately after, like work, exercise, dance, etc. This is the true beauty of the Coolsculpting treatment. Unlike lipsuction, which can be incapacitating and risky for several reasons, there are no incisions that must be healed or examined for infection, no coping with the nausea and/or unsteadiness that comes after anesthesia, no severe pain or restrictions.

It is important to remember that with any procedure performed, every patient reacts to it differently. Some, more fortunate people, may say that they experienced none of the above side effects and some may say that they had them all. Certain patients are a bit more uncomfortable than others and some are not. All things considered, side effects are an ordinary and natural part of any treatment on the body. Specifically with Coolsculpting, none are anything to be apprehensive about and none should deter you from having the treatment done. The results after a Coolsculpting procedure far outweigh the discomforts a patient may feel. Weeks later, after Coolsculpting, you will look at your new body in the mirror, be so pleased with what you see, and at that moment you are going to look back and realize how worth it the side effects were.

f you have any additional questions, concerns or apprehensions, speak with your physician. It is imperative to go into a procedure with ease and comfort. The clarity that comes with what you are choosing to do is part of the procedure itself. Be aware and assured, and everything will go perfectly fine, the way Coolsculpting was designed to be.


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