The Rising Popularity of Coolsculpting for Men

Over the past couple of years, non-surgical cosmetic treatments have taken over the world by storm because not only do they give incredible results, but they do it without any pricks or pokes. While some of us may believe these types of treatments are on the rise for women, they are actually very popular with men and continue to grow popularity as time goes on. One main treatment that many men find themselves gravitating toward to these days is Coolsculpting. This treatment can instantly fight off extra puffiness of the skin without a man needing to go under the knife to see results.

Why Coolsculpting is on the Rise?

There are several reasons why this type of nonsurgical body-contouring has become so popular with men, and it involves much more than just not requiring any surgery. Here are a few other reasons for the rising popularity of Coolsculpting for men:

  • Quick and easy: Normally, a man can go right back to work after he has had a treatment done so he doesn’t have to worry about taking time off work to recuperate. A man can easily leave work for an hour, get the treatment done and then head right back to work without having the appointment take up his entire day.
  • Doesn’t cost as much as going under the knife.
  • There is no down time after the treatment is completed so men don’t have to worry about being bruised or cut up.

What is Coolsculpting?

A cosmetic treatment that actually helps fight fat by freezing it right off, Coolsculpting is an advanced technology for anyone who is looking to rid their bodies of unwanted bulges. Now, let’s not be confused because this treatment will now remove pounds of body fat, it will only help smooth out bulges around the problems areas like thighs and middle. So how does this really work? An applicator is placed onto the area of interest and will then perform a sucking sensation that is much like a vacuum. The device will then freeze the fat cells in that one area without hurting any of the surrounding tissue. After the area has been frozen, the body will then gradually remove the fatty tissue in its own detoxing process, which proves to be a very safe and healthy solution to body contouring.

What are the Targeted Areas on Men?

When a man goes into his dermatologist to get a Coolsculpting treatment, chances are he is concerned with a problem area most other men are as well. Some of the most common areas for a man to get a treatment like this are:

  1. Stomachs
  2. Waist or love handles
  3. Lower backs
  4. Male breasts

What are the Results?

So you may be thinking that since this is such a popular treatment these days for men, the results must be rather impressive. Well, guess what? They sure are! Here are some reasons why the results with Coolsculpting are so amazing:

  • The results are gradual: When a man goes into surgery to remove stubborn belly fat with liposuction, he may see results right away (along with bruising and wounds) so it’s obvious to the eye that work has been done. However, those who get Coolsculpting done instead of lipo, come out of the treatment with results that happen over time on a gradual basis so no one will have to know he got anything done. The results will only look like he has been working out more and eating better, which is something a man might prefer compared to having all of his friends, family and colleagues know he got cosmetic work done.
  • He won’t need to necessarily go back for alternative treatment: After getting surgery, there are always follows up and then sometimes that can lead to other treatments, whether to deal with fatty cells or infection from the first initial treatment. Coolsculpting doesn’t call for any procedures to follow afterward or no supplements to take once the treatment is finished. Just be sure to maintain a healthy diet and workout routine and you’ll have amazing results that last.
  • You will feel line a new, slimmer you: While Coolsculpting won’t remove pounds of excess body fat, it will help you slim down and rid your body of unwanted bulges around the common problem areas. After a few weeks, you’ll start noticing your skin tighten and smoothen out so you have a sexy, slim surface that you have only ever dreamed of before.

Want to Know More?

For those guys out there who are interested in learning more or want to try out this amazing treatment themselves, it’s best to chat with a dermatologist in a one-on-one consultation. During this meeting, you and your dermatologist will be able to come up with a successful treatment plan that will help you get the results you need in the most safest and easiest way. For guys, it’s very important for you to work with a dermatologist who has many other male clients, as there are many differences in skin and muscle mass compared to men and women. Men’s muscle mass tends to be thicker and their area of interest can also vary from a woman’s. Men also aren’t always the best communicators so asking questions isn’t necessarily something they feel comfortable doing while at the dermatologist’s office. Lastly, a medical professional who works with men will also understand that this sex isn’t always the best with performing any at-home skincare regimens so they won’t try to sell them anything unnecessary or provide anything that will give him any added stress while at home.

When it comes to making yourself look and feel better, sometimes cosmetic procedures are the best bet. Let’s face it, after all the fad diets and hardcore workouts, sometimes we still have those stubborn areas on the body that just don’t want to budge, and that can be very frustrating. For most men, they don’t want to have to worry about going into surgery to get a procedure done, so opting for something like Coolsculpting that can be done in about an hour right in the dermatologist’s office is idea.

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