Preventative Botox

Want to know the secret to keeping your skin looking young? Preventative Botox can help maintain a beautiful, youthful face by preventing fine lines and wrinkles from appearing. What is Preventative Botox? Before we discuss how Botox can be used preventatively, we should understand what Botox is and why it is used. Botox (also known Read more

Anti-Aging Cosmetic Procedures

[subtitle]According to two physicians performing research on the affects of individuals undergoing anti-aging cosmetic procedures in their 20s and 30s, it may never be too early to begin treating signs of aging with dermal fillers, laser therapies and various neuromodulators. Dr. Heather Hamilton and Dr. Kenneth Arndt of the Massachusetts-based SkinCare Physicians facility provide empirical Read more

Can Facial Exercises Really Prevent or Reduce Wrinkling Skin?

Does “exercising” your face—raising eyebrows up and down, rolling your head from side to side, puckering and un-puckering your lips 20 times in a row or just making random faces at yourself in the mirror every day—really prevent wrinkles from appearing on the face and neck area? Late-night infomercials featuring people who you have never Read more

Men, Women and Wrinkles–Who Gets More as They Age?

Everybody’s skin inevitably wrinkles as they age, no matter how many cosmetic procedures a person experiences in an effort to delay the wrinkling and sagging of aging skin. Although it may seem perfectly normal to assume that men and women experience skin wrinkling in similar ways, recent research regarding gender differences and wrinkles has found Read more

Wrinkle Reduction How-to

If you have wrinkles you would like to get rid of or at least reduce in appearance, it’s important to know what causes wrinkles in the first place. First and foremost, as we age our bodies make less collagen which is what makes our skin soft and supple. With less collagen, we get wrinkles. With Read more