Help for Psoriasis Sufferers – Ultraviolet B Phototherapy

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disorder that can make life uncomfortable and isolating for individuals who must experience the constant itching, burning and soreness of psoriasis plaques. Scaly, bright red psoriasis lesions form on the skin when abnormal skin cell proliferation, caused by the immune system attacking the body in error, creates these thickly layered, Read more

Treating Psoriasis – UV Therapy or Topical Ointments?

Psoriasis is an incurable skin condition that presents rapidly spreading “plaques” over all areas of the body. These plaques consist of thick layers of silvery-white dead skin cells that itch, bleed and turn bright red when severely inflamed. Considered an immune-mediated skin disease with a definite genetic component, psoriasis can negatively affect an individual’s quality Read more