Dermatologists Urge Everyone to Take Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Seriously

Concerned that too many people are not taking a diagnosis of non-melanoma skin cancer seriously enough, dermatologists strongly urge people who have received such a diagnosis to seek substantiated information regarding these types of skin cancers instead of relying on misinformation and misconceptions about non-melanoma skin cancer. Commonly diagnosed non-melanoma skin cancers include squamous cell Read more

Enhancing Lips with Cosmetics May be Dangerous to Your Health

For centuries, women have been using a vast array of lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners and other lip-enhancing cosmetics to make their lips appear as plump and luscious-looking possible. In ancient times, these cosmetics were made from natural materials, such as red berries, pulverized gemstones or dyes extracted from certain plants and flowers. It wasn’t Read more

Protect Your Skin from the Dangers of Ultraviolet Radiation

The Centers for Disease Control released a recent report asserting that one out of every five individuals living in the U.S. will, at some point in their lives, be diagnosed with skin cancer. Considering the many options we have to use with which to protect ourselves against damaging ultraviolet rays, why is this statistic so Read more