Mohs Surgery

[subtitle]The Complete Guide to Mohs Surgery[/subtitle] Considered the most effective method for removing squamous cell and basal cell carcinoma, Mohs surgery spares healthy skin tissues while eradicating all signs of cancerous activity. According to the American Cancer Society, cure rates for SCC and BCC are nearly 99 percent when the Mohs technique is used to Read more

Melanoma Treatment After Diagnosis

Melanoma treatment after diagnosis can be a very simple procedure. Our Dr. Manuel Iriondo of Mayoral Dermatology in Coral Gables specializes in Melanoma diagnosis and treatment. Today, a diagnosis of melanoma in its early to middle stages can usually be treated successfully using laser therapy, Mohs surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or a combination of one Read more

Breast Cancer Awareness Guide

According to recent statistics regarding medical conditions specific to women, one in eight women over the age of 30 will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. Just a few decades ago, a diagnosis of breast cancer meant a significantly shortened life span for the woman receiving such a dire diagnosis. Today, however, Read more