Sabrina Hanna DesoloMayoral Dermatology is proud to have Sabrina Hanna DeSolo, PA-C, as a member of our team. With her extensive academic background, experience and endearing personality, Sabrina is exceptionally qualified to offer medical examinations, diagnoses of dermatological conditions and in-depth discussions with patients regarding optimal treatment methods.  Sabrina excels in satisfying patient expectations and always makes sure that each patient receives the care and attention they deserve. A certified physician’s assistant with a Master’s degree in chemistry, Sabrina comes from a family of medical professionals who inspired her to pursue a career in medicine and eventually, dermatology.

nccpa2Sabrina’s educational background began when she graduated from Lourdes Academy High School in south Florida and then enrolled at the outstanding, research-oriented Florida International University in 1995. After receiving her Master’s degree at Barry University in 2003, she interned for a dermatologist where she discovered how much she loved working in the field of skin science. She soon went on to become a Certified Physician Assistant (PA-C), which is a PA who has completed their training and passed their Board exam.

As a young girl, Sabrina remembers everyone telling her that she had the most beautiful skin they had ever seen. However, she unexpectedly suffered from acne as a teenager, which eventually cleared but left her with a new perspective regarding skin health and how lifestyle choices can affect the skin’s appearance. Consequently, she developed a passionate interest in the way nutrition, exercise and genetics influence skin health and why it is just as important to feel good about your outward appearance as it is to experience physical and emotional well-being.

When Sabrina is not taking care of patients at the Mayoral Dermatology office, she can be found spending “mom-time” with her two children. She also loves to read, take long nature walks and learn about the most recent advances in the field of dermatology, especially the genetic components that can potentially determine the expression of many temporary or chronic skin disorders.